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About Me

Hi, I'm Luca...

I'm a passionate self-taught software engineer based in London, UK - working in both front and back-end website technologies. A small list of my skills;

  • 5+ years in Java
  • 4+ years in full-stack web development
  • Experience with databases such as; MySQL, MongoDB & Cassandra
  • Experience with frameworks and library's such as; Vue, React, Node & Express
  • Experience working on multiple small, medium & large projects
  • Experience with cloud services such as AWS S3 and DigitalOcean
  • A vast understanding of Web3 Technologies, and NFT Worlds
  • Fast response time
  • Efficient and clean codebase
  • Able to work from anywhere
  • Always willing to further develop my knowledge
  • Easy to communicate with :)
  • Happier than I look in my picture (I promise)

ReactReact NativeVue.jsNode.jsNext.jsNuxt.jsWebpackCSSSaaSHTMLJavaScriptTypeScriptMongoDBMySQLExpressPM2WebSocketWeb3

Notable Work


CreepyCreams Web3 Token Dashboard


The CreepyCreams $SCOOP Dashboard allows users to connect their Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask) to view and spend their $SCOOP token on discounts. Upon a transaction being made to the blockchain, and once the transaction is confirmed, the user will be emailed with a specific Shopify discount code to use on



CreamCraft Store


The CreamCraft Store is an online shop that takes Credit Card payments to purchase in-game items. The whole front and backend was built from the ground up using Express for the RESTful API, and React (Next.js) for the frontend. The service lists products, handles payments via Stripe, and issues the player with what they purchased. I also implemented autonomous email delivery for; Payment Success, Payment Failure, Sales, and other transactional emails.


Game Server, Web3, NFT

CreepyCreams NFT / Web3 Project


CreepyCreams is a large NFT project, with over 10,000 NFT's in the Alpha Wave and Mecha Melter collections. With this project, I worked on the game server side of things, creating a brand new and fun experience for players built on NFT Worlds. The server works based on many game instances working together to handle player-base, a number of games, and cross-server syncing & compatibility that I created to allows this.

Spigot/Bukkit & NMSJavaRESTful APIMongoDBWeb3JavaScriptRedisProxy Messaging


StellarDev Web3 Website

A beautiful and responsive landing page for StellarDev's Web3 service offerings. Built with React and deployed to Vercel


Website, Web3, NFT

PixelMobs NFT / Web3


10,000 Uniquely Generated NFTs Pets - NFT with a playable in-game server. I worked on the code random image generation, the Web3 Contract, the backend API, and the website.

Next.jsReactRESTful APIMongoDBWeb3DockerSolidityTypeScriptJavaScript

Minecraft Server

Stella Games


Stella Games is a Minecraft Server boasting competitive Factions in its prime, and now the home to a crazy 1.18 SMP.


Minecraft Server



MineQuest is a prison/skyblock crossover Minecraft Server packed with many fun and cool features for its players. I was apart of building brand new core features for the server, such as the Cell system, Pets, and Private Mines.


Mobile Application / Backend

FoodFolder Ltd


FoodFolder is a new health & fitness application aiming to keep people on track with their calorie intake, plan their meals, and keep them healthy.

Next.jsReactReact NativeKotlinRESTful APIMongoDBAWSDockerRedis

Web Application / Landing

Vencode Ltd


Vencode is a simple yet powerful cloud video transcoder for developers. Backed by an API and easy SDK's. Both the beautiful (if I do say so myself) landing website and main application were programmed by myself from scratch using Next.js (React). The application uses AWS serverless functions on Lambda, ECS Fargate Tasks, S3, and API Gateway. Redis and MongoDB is also in our tech stack.

Next.jsReactNode.jsExpressSPARESTful APIMongoDBAWS SDKAWS ECSDockerRedis

Web/Desktop/Mobile Application

EndorseFlow Ltd


With the increase of digital teams working from home, the need for the ability to share, comment and approve your team's content is forever growing. EndorseFlow (my company) allows you to seamlessly upload a multitude of file types from any device, and get pin-point reviews from your team in real-time. Coming Soon!

ReactReact NativeElectronNode.jsExpressSPARESTful APIMongoDBAWS S3 SDK

Web / Desktop Application (no longer active)

File Sharing App

This website/application was made to allow users to easily share files with groups of people, with permission access to read and write to groups. Users were able to add contacts, all of which were sent and received in real-time using a secure websocket connection, in addition to a RESTful API.

Vue.jsNode.jsExpressSPARESTful APIMongoDBDigitalOceanAWS S3 SDKWebpack

Web Application (private)

"Vault of Void" Statistic Admin Panel

Just like my other websites, this also uses a RESTful API written in Node.js using the Express framework. The API is used to authenticate the client and POST data to the server, and into the database. It also handles admin user authentication to access the panel, and retrieve the data then displaying it in a paginated table. The front-end was written using the Vue.js framework, with Bulma as the CSS framework.

Vue.jsNode.jsExpressSPARESTful APIMongoDBDigitalOceanWebpack

Web Application

EliteEnchantments Web Panel


A beautiful SPA built with Vue (at the time, I used Vue for my work - now I use React.js), joined in conjunction with a RESTful API written in Node.js

Vue.jsNode.jsExpressSPARESTful APIMongoDBWebpackCloud

Minecraft Server



TreasureWars was the home to YouTube stars Lachlan and Vikkstar. After being brought on after a recent management switch, I helped develop new content and systems for users. I was apart of the codebase re-write, building the server from the ground up again.


Web Application

Newsletter User Signup

This website was small, but the start of a much bigger project. This client wanted users to to be able to create an account early, in turn signing up for their newsletter. The front-end library used was React (Next.js), and the back-end used a Node.js Express RESTful API and MongoDB as the database.

ReactNext.jsNode.jsExpressRESTful APIMongoDBDigitalOceanWebpack


My Portfolio Website (you're on it)

As you might be able to tell, the website you are currently on was made entirely by myself using React.